Culture Pass | Thesis

Institute for Canadian Citizenship

Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) is a national charity that provides access to programs and travel discounts to educate, inspire, and connect new Canadian Citizens. The Culture Pass allows first year Canadians to travel and explore Canada, with free access to over 1,400 attractions and travel discounts.

The problem

Millennial immigrants are entering the market at a rapid rate from immigration, but they have very different thoughts and behaviors that ICC’s brand needed to appeal to.

The Objective

The institute needed help with communication to reach a new target audience in order to help new millennial immigrant families network, through exciting experiences. The goal was to bring a fresh look to their culture access pass program, and make it mobile friendly, interactive and accessible for families.


Identifying Barriers


ICC would like millennial immigrants to participate in their culture pass program.


A pleasant digital experience is priority
for millennials.

HMW Question

How might we help ICC redefine their culture pass program so that it's exciting
for millennials?

Target Users

Millennials spend more time on social media than in person interactions.


ICC needs to find a way to make their culture pass program exciting for new millennial users.

Design Solution

ICC can design a mobile friendly experience to make it exciting and convenient for millennials.

Brand Identity

Logo & Brand Elements

Sketching ideas allowed for quick ideation and exploration of different concepts. I went with the toque concept since it speaks to Canadians in a less stereotypical way than a maple leaf.

Culture Pass

This Culture Pass concept has a built in NFC feature as it would improve customer experience by reducing wait times and carrying space.


Information Kit

The package will help new Canadians learn more about the culture pass program, and guide them through the mobile app experience. It will also include the pass itself if the person has signed up for the program. The package will be available online and at locations such as the airport.


Mobile Application

Since millennials prefer to use mobile devices, a mobile app will have the necessary features a user would need to experience the country, such as navigation, information about attractions, travel discounts and a digital Culture Pass.

Information Architecure


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Final App Design

Introducing the new Culture Pass app! Sign up, link your pass to your account, and start your journey with a simple tap of your device.

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